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Provide general support and materials for this men's ministry.

MOVE is a men's ministry of Open Bible Churches that provides an opportunity for men to minister to each other. MOVE provides materials and labor to build churches and other ministry structures wherever the Lord calls us. Partner with us by donating to help support this ministry and purchase materials to build churches. 

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Building Materials

Provide materials for construction on our upcoming projects

MOVE Ministries will fund and construct buildings in Tijuana, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Our projects are fully funded through the generosity of donors, such as yourself. All designated donations for our Building Materials go toward construction projects. We truly thank you for your consideration of giving to to our building projects this year.



Help offset volunteer fees for team members.

The men who volunteer for a MOVE trip pay a fee to cover their trip expenses. If you would like to stand with and support these men here's where you can give. Thank you for your support. 

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