2013 Mare Guinea West Africa

The 2013 MOVE trip to Mare, Guinea West Africa proved to be one of the most challenging, interesting "adventures" of the volunteers' lives, both physically and spiritually. We had 17 new men along who showed why they were chosen for this trip! We also had 23 veterans who experienced, along with the rookies, one of the most difficult MOVE trips ever. The crew fought spiritual battles and worked in over 100 degree temperatures with 90+ % humidity nearly every day. We slept in a bunkhouse with 39 other snoring men. We showered with shower bags filled with muddy water and had some real battles with illness driven by the heat (and a little bacteria as we found out later). In the end the Lord prevailed and this impossible project became a symbol of what can be done when we give it all to HIM!
You can view our photos here...

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