Mendez, Trinidad
Mendez on the island of Trinidad             Mark David, pastor of the Siparia Church       Pastor Sean Kennedy      
                       Mendez, on the island of Trinidad                                                             Pastor Mark David                        Pastor Sean Kennedy
                          MOVE 2018 Project Location                                                           Pastor of the Siparia Church        Pastor of the Mendez outreach

Men Of Vision Evangelize is taking a team to Trinidad in the village of Mendez to work together with Open Bible Trinidad and Tobago to build a church for the people of this outreach church.. Mendez is located in the south of the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean Region. The pastor of the outreach church in Mendez is Pastor Sean Kennedy. Open Bible has 89 churches in Trinidad with 14,971 members and 229 credentialed ministers. There are three Bible institutes with 110 students, a radio broadcast, and a Christian high school. The INSTE program, directed by Ann Marie Homer, has 208 students.
We have a crew of 32 men signed up for the project in Trinidad which will begin February 13th. We're excited about the mixture of men the Lord has called to join us. We have twenty three veterans and nine rookies.   One thing we've been praying for is that younger men would join us and become a part of the MOVE brotherhood. Our prayers are being answered! On this crew 25% of our men under the age of 50. That is a big change in numbers and an answer to prayer which we rejoice in! 
The construction of the foundation began January 10th and should have the project ready for our crew to begin our part of the build when they arrive. We have a lot of block to lay along with other projects and the guys are ready to get started!  We appreciate your prayers as we prepare to go and while we are in Trinidad, they make a huge difference in the success of our mission there. 

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