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In July of 2015 Men Of Vision Evangelize (MOVE) was invited to join a group led by Global Missions Latin America Director Doug Thomas on a trip to Cuba. We met  with Cuban Field Director David Moreno visiting churches in the Havana area and met with pastors and representatives of those churches. During this trip we were able to personally see the way the Lord has grown the church in Cuba. The church has flourished through the growth of the home church. Home churches may be a church within an existing house, in a patio, a garage or a separate building on the same property as the home. The pastors are passionately dedicated to teaching the Gospel and the home churches are reaching many people for Christ.

After our visit with Field Director Moreno and church representatives we were excited about how MOVE might join with them to increase their ministry even more. Within thirty days of our return Open Bible received a formal request from Field Director Moreno for MOVE to join them in constructing a full sanctuary at Calabazar de Sagua in the Villa Clara Province. Our leadership team is ecstatic about this opportunity. The Lord had put ministry in Cuba into both Dave Bethany’s and my heart when we were in the Dominican Republic on a MOVE trip in 2010. Now we see His hand bringing this plan forward! Praise God! We want to bring our men to stand beside and support the Cuban men. To work together, build relationships and pray for each other. This opportunity the Lord has brought before us will allow Cuban and U.S. brothers to stand together for Christ and lift each other not only as we build this sanctuary but after we separate to our own homes with prayer and support.                                                           

MOVE  traveled again to Calabazar de Sagua on February 19th – 24th with a team of 4 to begin preparation for the building of the sanctuary there. We met with Field Director Moreno and the Pastor of the church Rev. Joel Martinez Jordan. We visited the new  church site and discussed the logistics of bringing a crew of men there to help build their church. It was such a powerful time attending church with over 100 Cuban brothers and sisters. The building they are using for a church is so small it could only hold about 60 people tightly fit with the rest crowding around the outside.

We had not planned on building churches in Cuba a year ago. The need is great and the opportunity is now. Men Of Vision Evangelize is committed to moving forward but the need for extra finances to buy materials is great. Would you like to be a part of building new Open Bible churches in Cuba? Become a part of our team by donating to buy building material to construct churches in Cuba.

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