Ray Rexius

Ray was the Director for MOVE for almost 19 years. He was a team member several years earlier in 1981 on the first MOVE missionary project .The project was to build a Bible School in the Bislig area on the island of Mindanao. There Ray caught the vision that men grow most when they have an opportunity to leave all behind and use all their strength and energy serving the Lord, and also by serving others much less fortunate then we are. He realized how important the Open Bible missionary program was, but didn’t realize until then, how much the men could benefit too, as well as their churches and families. Neither did Ray realize that six years later, in 1987. he would be asked to direct the MOVE ministry for Open Bible.   

What a privilege it has been to see God work His miracles on each MOVE trip to bless our missionaries and their congregations, and at the same time do wonders in the lives of the men on the crew. Introverts have been changed to extroverts for the Lord. Followers have been changed into leaders. Missionary efforts have grown and flourished as the result of the newly constructed facilities and the new interest provided by the MOVE crew’s efforts and love.                                                     

Ray has been a businessman almost all of his adult life, and has always believed in making investments carefully and in areas that produce the most profit and satisfaction. He has found that to be especially true in the MOVE program. Every dollar spent seems to produce five dollars worth of results in both the lives of the giver and the receiver and the lives they touch. After directing 20 projects over 19 years, Ray feels convinced even more than ever that this is true. Though he no longer directs the MOVE crew, his heart and support is still with them and his contributions to the projects, men and leaders continue. What better place could he find to please his Lord, who by His mighty miracles and love has made MOVE possible?

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