Don Tietz
In 1998 Don heard of a M.O.V.E. trip to Mexico to build Puente de Amistad, a youth missions base, and immediately signed up knowing the Lord was calling him to go! Don knew upon arriving in Mexico that this was something he loved and was called to do. The fellowship and growth of the men as they worked laughed and cried together was special and he knew he needed to be a part of this! The impression M.O.V.E made on Don that first year did not lessen. He has been on every trip since, being blessed to work alongside some of the greatest men in this world today. Missionaries who give their lives 24-7 for the Lord, Church leaders, Church members and the men of MOVE are some of the best people he’s come to know.

 Don’s been blessed to work with and learn from Ray Rexius over the past 19 years. He has become a mentor and friend to Don like no other. In 2004 Ray asked if Don would become his assistant director for M.O.V.E. In 2006 Ray stepped down as Director and Don became National Director. He has been blessed as he has seen the calling the Lord put in his heart come to pass in a way totally unexpected. Don, with his good friend and Christian Brother Dave Bethany and Ray Rexius continues to work towards growing this ministry as the Lord allows.

Don’s greatest joy in ministry has been being involved in M.O.V.E. It’s not only the joy of building a Church for a ministry in a foreign country; it’s also the ministry to the men of M.O.V.E. There is no greater ministry he’s seen that reaches men who may be strong, weak, or hurting. When twenty to forty men are put together over two weeks a bond is formed that CANNOT be broken. Their focus on the Lord and their families strengthens and they go home different than they came. To be even a small part of that is truly a blessing beyond belief!

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