David Bethany
For more than 29 years David has been involved in MOVE through leadership in his local church MOVE group, leading construction teams from Southern California, or directing the construction for the National MOVE organization.  Over that span of time David has also led numerous weekend teams to Tijuana, Mexico to build and repair houses, build a “Kids Kitchen” and minister to hundreds of less fortunate people.  David also organized and led several Men’s Retreats while serving as the district leader for Southern California MOVE in the early 1990’s.  One of the more fun ministries that David was involved in was the five years he served as the Southern California Children’s Ministry Junior Camp Activity Director.  Between the water wars and screaming warm ups one was never sure who had more fun – the kids, or David.  However, the best part was watching hundreds of children make commitments to the Lord.

David’s greatest joy, in ministry, has been the 13 years working under the direction of Ray Rexius and 10 years working under the direction of his good friend, and Christian Brother, Don Tietz in MOVE.  This opportunity to work with Ray, Don and the many faithful men of MOVE has allowed David to discover a spiritual depth in this ministry that has strengthened his relationship with the Lord, especially in the last a number of years.  The miracles never stop while working with Open Bible missionaries and foreign national church leaders. The opportunity to meet, and work alongside of, some of God’s best has truly been a blessing. 

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